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Prodigy tested on clients

Clients day with Prodigy

Today’s cardio kickboxing class was a great way to start off my day. I taught my class but this time brought in the tub of Prodigy. I made sure everyone ate breakfasts prior to trying the supplement, including myself.

Extra Intensity

As a class we warmed up on the power plate then I gave each member of the class a sample of Prodigy to get a more effective work out. And guess what? It worked. Talk about an intense class. Everyone was sweating like never before. The class contains a lot of kicking and punching, but also a lot of cardio.

Today with the extra energy and intensity in the room I added an extra twist and had the ladies pushing sleds and doing latter drills. Each of them made it the entire hour and kept talking about how great the class was today. I’d like to say it was definitely a different feel than usual classes.

Need a Break? Nah!

I joined them in every workout and got in a great workout myself. I encourage them all to push themselves but to also go at their own pace. For whatever reason though today their pace was up there with mine. They all kept up with me and only got 4 water breaks. Usually because of the intensity of the plate I give 60 second water breaks every 10 minutes. Today they got breaks every 15 minutes and some didn’t even take it. Great stuff!!

Glad to see that it’s working not only for me but for my clients as well. Or is it just that they think they’re going harder due to the supplement and giving what they’ve been holding back on? I’m pretty sure it’s Prodigy. photo (7)

My Back Day with Prodigy

Herve’s Back Day

photo (5)

Another day of working out, done! Today was a back day for me in the gym. I must admit I came to the gym very tired. I went out last night which wasn’t the greatest idea, but I wanted to enjoy myself and get out for once. I’ve been working hard and felt as though I deserved it.

I had an egg sandwich, a banana, and lots of much needed water for breakfast. Once I got to the gym I went and grabbed some coffee. I don’t usually drink coffee or like it much but i definitely needed it this morning. I warmed up on the recumbent bike for ten minutes then took my pre workout fruit punch Prodigy.

I started off with some lat pull downs, then did bent over rows, seated rows, back extension, some pull ups, and some cable machine exercises. I sweat a lot during today’s workout. The pump was great as usual, the intensity was there, but I found myself taking longer breaks in between sets today.

Obviously because I focused on one part of the body, that was probably needed, and also because I was tired. But I wonder if it also had anything to do with having both the coffee and pre workout.

I was talking to some of the guys in the gym about the product, they said they never heard of it and asked if they can get the product in stores. Maybe I’m not the only one noticing I’m working out like a beasts in the gym when I use Prodigy!

Prodigy on Leg Day

PNI Prodigy Log: Another leg day

Herve Doing Lunges on Prodigy Day 2

Herve’s Lunges


Yesterday’s leg day was a bit different. I didn’t have time for my usual breakfast in the morning as I was running late for work. I just grabbed a yogurt and protein shake to go instead. I felt tired, but still had to teach my group exercise classes, so that didn’t stop me.

Low food, low energy

After my classes ended I wanted to work out. I was a bit tired, so tired i forgot to let my clients sample the Prodigy product! I had some for myself, which gave me enough energy with the usual pump but only lasted about 45 minutes before I decided to go home and rest before the evening classes I had to teach later.

The workout was great, leaving my legs feeling pretty sore this morning, but I think because I didn’t eat properly it wasn’t as effective. Every other day I used the supplement it turned out really well. Not that it didn’t this time! I just expected more out of it because of what it has done for me during my previous workouts.

A lesson learned: Eat your breakfast!

The Prodigy pre workout supplement is great, just don’t forget to eat breakfast and have enough nutrients in your body to get an effective workout. Can’t wait for my next workout later this Friday evening. It’ll be a full body day for me. Why not?

Prodigy with a normal routines

Get Fit with Herve’s PNI Prodigy Log: Back to Normal Routine

Herve Doliska on the Bench Press

Herve on the Bench


This morning I woke up early for an online training session. I made sure I had breakfast this time too. I ate hard boiled eggs, a banana, and oat meal.

For a snack I had a protein shake and for lunch I had chicken pasta and chicken wings. I went about my day and coached the off season workouts for the high school I coach then came to the gym immediatley after.

Full Body Workout, Full Body Prodigy Pump

I took my Prodigy supplement and began my workout. A full body day in the gym, started off with a bit of cardio, some chest exercises, back, shoulders, then legs.

The pump felt different today. The intensity was there, but I think now that my body is getting used to taking this stuff I’m getting an extra kick/gear. I normally sweat a lot and drip sweat when I do cardio or play basketball, but today I was sweating buckets just doing my workout. Possibly because it was a full body workout, but I think I actually felt and looked like a beast in the gym today.

I worked out for an entire hour and had a spicy italian sub from subway after my workout with some gatorade. No crash today!

That “Swole” Look

I just actually feel and look swole an hour after my workout. Not to mention I’m definitely getting stronger. After the feeling of todays workout, I think before was just in my head, but now I am definitely feeling the effects of prodigy. So glad I got two tubs of the supplement because I’m almost out of one.

Prodigy on clients

PNI Prodigy Gets Tested on a Personal Training Client

Get Fit with Herve

Get Fit with Herve at

Today was just another day in the gym for me, but led to a nice twist for a client of mine.


I taught my cardio kick boxing class all day on Wednesday at the power plate studio. I worked out in between classes and took my Prodigy supplement. I had the same effect as the other days I took the supplement. A lot of energy, a great pump, and a high intensity workout.

Testing Prodigy on a Client

Today was more about my clients though. I let one of my clients get a sample of the supplement. I definitely saw a difference in the way she trained.

She usually comes in and does 30 minutes on the power plate on cardio kickboxing days, but today she gave it an extra push. Not sure if it was the supplement, but she made it an entire hour. Well 50 minutes of working out and 10 minutes massage on the plate.

Not only am I seeing this product have an effect on me and my workouts, but my clients as well. I told them all about it and how it has impacted my workouts.

Tomorrow during our lower body workouts I plan on bringing in the watermelon flavor to sample with the clients that come in to workout. Good stuff! I’m really digging this supplement.

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