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Quit starting Over: Ways to stay motivated!

By: Herve Doliska

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Using pictures of what you want to look like and even pictures of yourself is great. Even before pictures that you don’t want to go back to, or before pictures of what you used to look like that’d you’d like to look like again are great motivators . Put pictures up where you’ll see them daily. Place the pictures on bathroom mirrors where you brush your teeth, your refrigerator, your desk at home and at work, or right next to your alarm clock.


Following fitness social networks:

On all of my social networks I posts daily motivational quotes, statuses, and pictures. I also follow a lot of fitness and health related social networks to keep me motivated. If you’re having trouble and need some motivation, search for some great fitness pages. Here are some of my social networks I use to motivate others.

Twitter: @GetFit_HerveCPT

instagram: @getfitwithherve






Set goals and write them down. Make short term & long term goals and keep them somewhere visible. Be realistic and understand reaching a long term goal takes a lot of time and effort. Keep moving forward towards that goal and don’t look back.


Social support:

Go workout with a friend or a parter. Having someone there to workout with and support you makes exercising a lot more fun and easier. You can compete with that person to make the workout not only more interesting but to ensure that you’re getting the most out of each other. No one wants to let their friends and partners down, so prove to them you can do it and prove to them they can too.



Eat healthy to get the necessary amount of energy to allow your body to get through an entire workout. The healthier you eat the better you’ll feel and the better you feel the more you’ll want to workout to keep up with your healthy feel.



photo 2 (1)Work with a trainer:

Get the help of a professional to guide you through your workouts and assist you with reaching your goals. Find a trainer that will motivate you and that you’re comfortable working with. Check the trainers, clients success to know that what you’re paying for is worth it. Check out what your trainer does to keep people involved and inspired to know you are getting above and beyond services. You should also check their videos, blogs, social networks, and articles and get the best out of their services.

Motivation is driven by feedback… Feedback keeps you on track… Staying on track delivers results!

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Motivation is driven by feedback… Feedback keeps you on track… Staying on track delivers results!

Motivation: Make it Happen

Motivation to get you going. Make it happen! Get up and go get it...  Anything is possible... Be a Winner Not A Loser!


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