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Prodigy on clients

PNI Prodigy Gets Tested on a Personal Training Client

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Today was just another day in the gym for me, but led to a nice twist for a client of mine.


I taught my cardio kick boxing class all day on Wednesday at the power plate studio. I worked out in between classes and took my Prodigy supplement. I had the same effect as the other days I took the supplement. A lot of energy, a great pump, and a high intensity workout.

Testing Prodigy on a Client

Today was more about my clients though. I let one of my clients get a sample of the supplement. I definitely saw a difference in the way she trained.

She usually comes in and does 30 minutes on the power plate on cardio kickboxing days, but today she gave it an extra push. Not sure if it was the supplement, but she made it an entire hour. Well 50 minutes of working out and 10 minutes massage on the plate.

Not only am I seeing this product have an effect on me and my workouts, but my clients as well. I told them all about it and how it has impacted my workouts.

Tomorrow during our lower body workouts I plan on bringing in the watermelon flavor to sample with the clients that come in to workout. Good stuff! I’m really digging this supplement.

Back at it again on Prodigy

PNI Prodigy Day 5 – Back at it again

This weekend was a rest weekend for me. I usually travel the last weekend of the month just to have time off from my busy schedule. Well I got back in town last night and immediately got back into the flow of things. I worked out at home for a bit after taking my prodigy supplement, but soon found myself in the gym doing some TRX suspension training.

I figured with all the exercise equipment I have at home I can get a good workout and break a sweat. That started off okay, but you can’t forget I took this Prodigy supplement as my pre workout. No way I’m going to waste this energy on an at home workout.

photo (2)
I made the five minute drive to the gym I work at and jumped on the power plate for a couple of minutes to stay warm and started my TRX workout. I did a full body workout for 45 minutes and felt great.

I’m loving the effect of the prodigy pre workout supplement. Especially the fruit punch flavor. I got no crash after this workout and felt good for the rest of the day and I’m actually now considering using this supplement more often.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing another full body workout in the gym using strength training equipment and not the TRX. Yes, I’m a fitness professional, I know we need rest days, but with this supplement I think I can manage, and actually do a back to back full body workout day. I’ll have the energy to do so with this prodigy supplement and I also need to make up for my missed workouts this past weekend.

Cardio Kickboxing on Prodigy

Herve’s 4th Log: Cardio Kickboxing – No Prodigy, Less Energy

Yesterday was a great day in the gym. I taught cardio kickboxing classes all day and had a chance to workout myself. Yesterday was the day I went without the Prodigy supplement to see if I noticed a difference.

A Day without Prodigy

Nothing about my day was different. I woke up and had my usual hard boiled eggs and a protein shake for breakfast. Had a light snack several hours after and a protein bar before I worked out. I worked out around 2:30 in the afternoon. I was a bit tired so I took an energy drink to get started

I had an intense 1 hour workout as usual. 30 minutes of it was done on the power plate with a combination of kicking and punching and the other 30 minutes was done on the floor with more kicking and punching. The intensity I must admit didn’t feel as high as the days I used the Prodigy supplement, but I definitely broke a sweat and went hard.

I just feel like I didn’t have the same energy hitting the bags and doing my workout.

I don’t think it was a bad workout at all it was definitely very effective, but there is definitely a difference with Prodigy. That clears up my mind over matter and just thinking it was a fluke and it being all in my head.

That stuff definitely does work.


PNI Prodigy Log

Energy Drinks are NOT the Same as Quality Pre Workouts!!

Now that I notice a difference I’ll probably use it more often for my workout days, but I still want to go some days without just to not have to depend on it for a great workout and high intensity.


I started to recommend the supplement to other people in the gym and told them about the great pump you get for your workout.

I’m still not a fan of pre workout supplements but the fact that this one is working I’m actually starting to like it. I can see it making a difference in my strength over time and possibly transforming my body if I wanted a change.

Great product!!!

Chest Day


Herve’s Prodigy Pre Workout Log – Day 3 – Chest Day


This is What you Get When You Run a Free Supplement Log with PricePlow!

This is What you Get When You Run a Free Supplement Log with PricePlow!

Yesterday was a chest day for me. That made my 3 days in a row of working out before my rest day.


I warmed up on the elliptical after taking my prodigy supplement. I started off with the bench press and did a warm up set, then a set of 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 increasing the weight by 10 pounds every set. I then did the decline bench three sets of 12.

Great Pumps, Intense Workout

I felt that great pump again and had an intense workout. I normally do more than one muscle when it’s not leg day, but with the extra energy I continued with just the bigger muscle and did more chest exercises. I did the chest fly machine 4 sets of 8 lifting about 70% of my max weight. After the chest fly’s I did some push ups then went to the cable machine for more chest.

I looked swole after my workout and felt pretty good about, so I ended it there.

I skipped doing arms after my chest was on fire from my workout and went straight for my cool down with a ten minute jog on the treadmill. I stretched a bit and had a post workout protein shake then went home.

Mid-Day Crash!

For whatever reason when I got home I crashed and fell asleep immediately mid day and woke up later that night. I’m usually able to stay up after a workout, so I’m not sure if it’s because of the supplement that I crashed, or because I went hard on my workout.

I definitely do notice a difference when taking the supplement.

Tomorrow I teach cardio kickboxing classes and I’d like to try a day without prodigy to see if I notice any difference. I’m sure it’ll still be an intense workout day but I want to see how I feel during the workout and after.

Killer Leg Workout


Prodigy Day 2 – Herve’s Killer Leg Workout



Herve Doing Lunges on Prodigy Day 2

Today’s workout consisted of lunges, squats, leg press, calf raises, leg curls, and leg extensions. I hate working out legs because mine always feel so weak and hurt like hell the next day no matter how often I work them out. I have chicken legs but that doesn’t stop me from going hard.


Prodigy – Watermelon Flavor

Today I tried the watermelon flavored Prodigy pre workout supplement. I warmed up on the stair master on level 7 and walked up 500 steps in 7 minutes. That was definitely a killer warm up. I felt good today and completed my leg workout in 45 minutes, so with the extra time I did arm curls.

The fruit punch flavor definitely tastes better to me, but the watermelon flavor still had the same effect. I was able to break a great sweat during my warm up and maintain the intensity during my workout. That’s significant because I never sweat that much on leg day. I also never do the stair master as my warm up on leg days either.

Higher Intensity Workout

Maybe this prodigy thing is making me crazy. Or I could just be at a higher fitness intensity level than I was before. Anyways!!! I feel how I look and I feel good!


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