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Power through your plateau with Herve

Powering Through Plateau

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Meet Wello trainer Herve Doliska!

This week, Herve writes about working with Kathy, Wello’s weight loss blogger. Kathy reached a plateau in her fitness progress, and Herve explains his advice for Kathy and anyone else overcoming a plateau!

Working with Kathy has made Wello a very special and fun experience for me. She is on the way to reaching her goals and fitness success! Kathy would like to lose 40 lbs and has worked very hard to lose the 15 lbs she’s lost so far. We’ve been training 3 days a week and keeping up with  healthy eating and good nutrition.


When Kathy and I first started working together she lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks. This was because her body was doing something completely different and doing things she wasn’t used to. Now that her body is getting used to a healthier lifestyle and working out more often, the weight loss has slowed down a bit to about 1-2 pounds a week. I’d like to get Kathy back to losing more weight at a decent rate and in order to do that some things must change.


The intensity of the workouts will increase. The amount of cardio will also increase, we’ll work out 4 days a week, Kathy will work out one day on her own, and we’ll make the necessary changes in her  diet. I’m looking forward to these changes to help Kathy get past her plateau and get to her 40 pound goal as quickly and healthy as possible.


Well said, Herve! We’re excited to see how Kathy’s journey progresses.


Readers, if you want to work out with Herve, visit his trainer page.


Have a great week and Be Wello!

Kathy Gets Fit With Herve

Kathy Gets Fit: Week 10 – People Are Starting To Notice!

Apparently, 15 pounds is when neighbors and coworkers begin to notice someweight loss. A few people have asked me recently if I’ve lost weight and I am more than happy to reply “YES” :)

I’m down one pound again this week (4th week in a row), for a total of 15. This is a much slower pace than I’d thought it would be, but I am definitely liking the results. We were at a water park this week, and I have to admit, it’s slightly less stressful to walk around in a swimsuit now. I was able to focus more on having fun and enjoying the water slides with the kids. It was also an unexpected workout lugging heavy rafts up multiple flights of stairs!


Besides the water park, I got 3 hours of heavy yard work in, three one-on-one sessions with Herve, and Shannan’s Power Yoga class again. I am becoming a yoga fan! It’s perfect timing because as part of my new diet, I’m supposed to focus on cardio during the high-carb days of  Phase 1 (Mon/Tues), strength training during the high-protein days of Phase 2 (Wed/Thurs) and a relaxing activity like yoga during the high healthy fat days of Phase 3 (Fri/Sat/Sun). One of the many benefits of working with a personal trainer is that when I mentioned this to Herve, he was able to start aligning my one-on-one sessions to match the plan.

It feels like this new diet plan dominated my entire week. Hours were spent on food shopping, planning meals, food prep and cooking. Hopefully, it will be easier going forward. With all that effort going into it, I have stuck with it, and have had absolutely no splurges since I started. I am determined.

Current stats: 15 down, 25 to go

Success Story

  I'm a mother of a toddler while working as a health care proffesional.   And would of never thought a workout plan with my busy schedule could yield such quick results. With the guidance, non stop motivation,  and coaching, Herve helped me already lose a total of 15 lbs in two months!  Pushing myself to reach my fitness goals in the past have been a true challenge. Nowadays, I look myself in the mirror and say "look how far i've become ", " who can stop me now!?! "   Thank you, Herve!

Romina Yanez- Wheaton, MD


Josh Plesant's Get Fit Video

Josh Pleasant Get Fit WIth Herve workout video


Chest Day


Herve’s Prodigy Pre Workout Log – Day 3 – Chest Day


This is What you Get When You Run a Free Supplement Log with PricePlow!

This is What you Get When You Run a Free Supplement Log with PricePlow!

Yesterday was a chest day for me. That made my 3 days in a row of working out before my rest day.


I warmed up on the elliptical after taking my prodigy supplement. I started off with the bench press and did a warm up set, then a set of 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 increasing the weight by 10 pounds every set. I then did the decline bench three sets of 12.

Great Pumps, Intense Workout

I felt that great pump again and had an intense workout. I normally do more than one muscle when it’s not leg day, but with the extra energy I continued with just the bigger muscle and did more chest exercises. I did the chest fly machine 4 sets of 8 lifting about 70% of my max weight. After the chest fly’s I did some push ups then went to the cable machine for more chest.

I looked swole after my workout and felt pretty good about, so I ended it there.

I skipped doing arms after my chest was on fire from my workout and went straight for my cool down with a ten minute jog on the treadmill. I stretched a bit and had a post workout protein shake then went home.

Mid-Day Crash!

For whatever reason when I got home I crashed and fell asleep immediately mid day and woke up later that night. I’m usually able to stay up after a workout, so I’m not sure if it’s because of the supplement that I crashed, or because I went hard on my workout.

I definitely do notice a difference when taking the supplement.

Tomorrow I teach cardio kickboxing classes and I’d like to try a day without prodigy to see if I notice any difference. I’m sure it’ll still be an intense workout day but I want to see how I feel during the workout and after.

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