Get Fit With Herve

Get Fit With Herve

Fitness Is Life

Stay Active: Have Fun

Get fit, stay fit, and live fit! There are so many different ways to stay active. Find what's good for you and get after it! #FitnessIsLife Find your way of fun exercise and get going!


Virtual Fitness: Are your daily exercise routines getting boring?


Virtual Fitness is a great way to stay active and stay motivated. It brings a fun and competitive edge to exercise. Finding ways to make exercise fun are a great way to get yourself up and moving. It doesn't get any better than having fun while burning calories. Virtual fitness such as Trazer, Wii, and Xbox kinect are some of the funnest and best forms of exercise. Who says it can't be fun? Get up and have some fun!!!


Herve Doliska Group Fitness

Herve Doliska - Group Exercise

Check me out instructing a 1 hour group exercise class for a great group of women looking to Get Fit, Stay Fit, and Live Fit!

These classes consists of functional training with some great electric music to keep the heart beating and the body moving!


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