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Get Fit With Herve

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Saundras Testimonial:


"This is not your traditional weight loss story. I am in the Marine Corps and it is a constant competition to stay in shape, the standards of being “fit” are constantly changing. I wanted to increase my muscle mass rather than lose weight. Before Herve’s workout plan I had hit a plateau I didn’t know what to do I wasn’t getting stronger. I started Herve’s work out plan 5 months ago. In the first 2 months I had seen so much improvement! My upper body strength had increased by over 20 lbs! My legs and abs began to get firmer and I was seeing the definition in my arms, I was so excited. One of my biggest goals was pull ups, if anybody is familiar with the military we have a physical fitness test, which they just changed, so now females have to do 8 pull ups to get a perfect score. At the beginning of Herve’s workout I barely could do 1! Now I am proud to say I can do 7. I am still working out every day to maintain my weight standards and physical fitness and it is a constant fight to stay motivated but I did and so can you!"

-Saundra Cardoza, San Diego CA



Get Fit, Stay Fit - Some Tips for a More Enjoyable Life


Get Fit, Stay Fit - Some Tips for a More Enjoyable Life

So you want to get fit. This desire for change has probably started from something small. Perhaps those favourite jeans have become just a little too snug. Maybe you don't feel that you are able to attract the opposite sex any more. Perhaps your excuses for not going to the beach are simply that you don't want to get your kit off. Possibly you are fed up with just not being healthy.

Well, that's a start. You have the desire to make a change and, as we all know, to make a change will require some action. If you are now motivated to take some action here are some tips to help you attain the goal that you are seeking.

1. To keep motivated you should weigh yourself and take some measurements. This can prompt you to write a goal card of where you want to be within a specified period of time. You may find that taking some pictures of how you look right now, in your underwear, can strengthen your resolve.

2. You are going to have to look at nutrition. Most get fit gurus will say that abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym. The simple truth is that if you did nothing else, eating a healthy diet is good for you. Combine healthy food with healthy exercise and guess what? You become healthy.

3. Cardio. Build some cardio exercise into your life. Walking, cycling, jogging, swimming or any other enjoyable pastime that can make you a little breathless, but is not too strenuous. I mention cardio before other forms of exercise because it not only helps you to lose weight but it is the best way to exercise the number one muscle, your heart. Just a few times per week for twenty minute is fine to start. You can extend the time and intensity as you feel more able to cope.

4. Go to the gym. A word of warning here. Most of the gyms that I have used seem to have a high incidence of idiots. By that I mean people who would appear to either be new to this or, if not new, to be poorly advised. Don't follow them. Trying to lift weights without warming up can be quite counterproductive. Lifting heavy weights early on impresses no one. Learn to lift safely. Take a structured approach.

After warming up with some light work use some weights within you comfort zone. You should be able to  complete  20 repetitions at a particular weight. Concentrate on different muscle groups on different days. Spend twenty to thirty minutes two or three times per week.

With a little determination and by keeping your eye on your goals, you will quickly learn how to lose weight fast.

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