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Fitness Is Life

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Fitness Is Life

Come Get Fit With Herve and get the perfect FitBody #FitnessIsLife

Herve Doliska Group Fitness

Herve Doliska - Group Exercise

Check me out instructing a 1 hour group exercise class for a great group of women looking to Get Fit, Stay Fit, and Live Fit!

These classes consists of functional training with some great electric music to keep the heart beating and the body moving!


Virtual Fitness: Are your daily exercise routines getting boring?


Virtual Fitness is a great way to stay active and stay motivated. It brings a fun and competitive edge to exercise. Finding ways to make exercise fun are a great way to get yourself up and moving. It doesn't get any better than having fun while burning calories. Virtual fitness such as Trazer, Wii, and Xbox kinect are some of the funnest and best forms of exercise. Who says it can't be fun? Get up and have some fun!!!


Garbage In Garbage Out: Eating healthy


Nutrition is a very significant component of good health. It's very important to not only exercise, but to also eat enough and eat the right things. It is a great idea to eat foods that compliment your fitness lifestyle and habits. It helps you to feel better overall and gives you the energy you need to complete your daily activities. You get in what you put in, and you are what you eat! Eat healthy, eat smart, and taste the rainbow!

Here are some great tips on nutrition. For more tips check out this article:


Tips to stop overeating and eating for healthy:

  • Practice portion control
  • steady strides with healthier choices
  • Store your favorite foods out of sight
  • Relax and accept that this food is readily available to you, every single day of your life. And you won’t feel the overwhelming need to eat every morsel of it whenever it is placed within your reach.
  • Eat slowly
  • Use smaller plates and cups
  • Focus on why you’re eating. Are you eating because you’re hungry? Really hungry?
  • Keep track of what you’re eating and how much of it you’re eating. Keep a daily record of what you eat. (Available through
  • Pay attention to what you eat. (calories, sugar, fats…)
  • Eat a variety of nutrient rich foods
  • Eat moderate portions
  • Enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduce, don't eliminate unhealthy foods. Instead moderate how much of theses foods you have and how often you eat them
  • Drink enough water
  • Stay hydrated
  • Taste the rainbow. Try to eat every color every day to ensure a variety of nutrients
  • Avoid drinking sodas
  • Eat breakfast
  • Eat regularly
  • Choose healthier cooking methods
  • Moderate alcohol intake
  • Exercise!!


Workout from home?

What better way to workout then to do it right from home? It's certainly not about having time, it's about making time! I'm sure we've all heard that one before, but it's true. The amount of time a day you spend texting, tweeting, liking pictures on instagram, watching television, or even behind your laptop, can be used to actually be productive and better your health. I'm not saying you can't enjoy your social life, but you can minimize and reduce some of that time spent doing those activities and use it to get fit and stay active instead! Stop making excuses and get up! Shut up and train! 

Want to stay behind the keyboard? That's fine do so, while getting fit with Herve doing online personal training!

For online personal training sessions with Herve, click the link below:

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