Get Fit With Herve

Get Fit With Herve

Fitness Is Life

Healthy Habits:

Explaining to your kids the benefits of health is much easier than telling them they have type 2 diabetes! Healthy habits are crucial! Set a good example for your children now before it's too late. I'm sure we all know the type of foods that our younger generation loves to eat aren't the healthiest, but you can certainly moderate the amount that they intake. Exercise infront of your children. It's very important to be a role model and as we know the younger they are the more they like to copy things. If you can get them to commit to a healthy lifestyle by setting and living one then you will make a tremendous difference in both your life and theirs as well. 

Motivation: Make it Happen

Motivation to get you going. Make it happen! Get up and go get it...  Anything is possible... Be a Winner Not A Loser!


Stay Active: Have Fun

Get fit, stay fit, and live fit! There are so many different ways to stay active. Find what's good for you and get after it! #FitnessIsLife Find your way of fun exercise and get going!


Ass ass ass & more ass!


You don't get the ass you want by sitting on the ass you have! Get your ass up and workout! Work hard, train hard, and bust your ASS! Ladies, that nice ass you want, you must work for! It doesn't come easy. Get off the couch and get to the gym! 

Need help toning those glutes? Contact Herve for personal training at 


30 minutes a day


30 minutes a day of exercise can make a tremendous difference with your health. Make the time a day and keep the fat away! Check out this video and see the benefits of working out just 30 minutes a day!


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